The Uuesalu residential district is being developed by IBE Estonia OÜ. The company forms part of the Finnish EKE-Yhtiöt group, which was founded in 1961 and has since developed projects all over the world.


EKE-Yhtiöt is an efficient and innovative developer that has strong traditions. It covers the entire construction process, from the drafting of plans to buildings being taken into use, ensuring very effective quality control. EKE-Yhtiöt builds residential districts where the aim is to create a milieu in which people feel both safe and at home. All roads and communications are constructed as part of these developments.

IBE Estonia OÜ

IBE Estonia began operating in 2003. Since then it has primarily focussed on the development of residential districts in Greater Tallinn. Its portfolio includes a terraced house and semi-detached house project with 107 apartments and three apartment buildings with 45 apartments in the village of Peetri. Currently around 10 projects are underway on ca 200 hectares of land close to Tallinn.

Uuesalu is IBE Estonia’s biggest development project to date. It covers ca 87 hectares which, upon the project’s completion, will be home to more than 400 families. Around 140 families already live in Uuesalu in 2016.

Our partners

IBE Estonia OÜ cooperates with Swedbank and Nordea Bank to provide customers convenient and fast buying process. Timbeco is building new wooden houses to Uuesallu.

Toomas Arak, Private Client Manager
Rävala agency
Rävala pst 5, Tallinn
Tel. +372 888 8062

Nordea Bank
Juho Laurits, Partners’ P
roject Manager
Nordea Maja
Liivalaia 45, Tallinn
Tel. +372 628 3269
Mob. +372 524 0815


IBE Estonia OÜ
Hirve tee 12-2, Uuesalu
75331 Rae municipality
Mobile: +372 511 2885

IBE Estonia