About Uuesalu


Uuesalu represents one of the largest residential development projects in Greater Tallinn. Covering more than 80 hectares, it will be home to more than 400 families – 248 in semi-detached houses and 142 in terraced houses. Land is also available for purchase on which private homes can be built. The first stage of the project saw the completion of 82 semi-detached and 14 terraced houses. The wide range of options means everyone can find the home that is right for them.

History and future

The very first resident of Uuesalu – and its first watchdog, as it were – was a cat. He has been keeping an eye on Uuesalu since construction work began. Around Christmas 2007, when the first human residents moved in, the cat was quickly housetrained and set up home with them on a permanent basis.

A kindergarten opened its doors in Uuesalu in 2008.

Summer 2010 saw the establishment of a non-profit organisation called the Uuesalu Village Association. An initiative of pro-active residents, it now has more than 100 members. To date it has coordinated a number of fun events and paved the way for quite a few local traditions.

As time went by and the number of residents grew, so did their desire to contribute to their community. As a result, they soon realised that Uuesalu had become a fully-fledged village in its own right – and that it deserved a place on the map. This it gained on 19 July 2013, when Uuesalu was awarded village status as the youngest hamlet in Rae municipality.

Uuesalu now has a playground for little kids and its own beach volleyball and basketball courts. A new children’s playground was also erected on Metssea tee in 2015 as a result of the developer and the local authority working together. Construction of a tennis court is also planned.

In the longer term it is hoped to build a village centre and to complete the development of the Lake Liivajärv swimming and recreation area.

Being so close to Tallinn and yet hidden from so many people’s view by the surrounding forests, Uuesalu is like a well-kept secret.

Uuesalu’s values

Safe and peaceful environment in the middle of nature

Uuesalu has a safe and peaceful living environment surrounded by nature. Uuesalu shares many of the values for which Nõmme was known in its time: spacious plots of land, pine trees, a high proportion of timber architecture and a friendly community that sticks together.

A logistically favourable location

A logistically favourable location. Uuesalu is hidden away behind Lake Ülemiste between the Tartu and Viljandi highways. It is close to the city but sufficiently distant from main roads and the rumble of traffic. There is no industry in or around Uuesalu that generates pollution.


There is a kindergarten in the village, as well as children’s playgrounds, basketball and volleyball courts and a slope designed especially for sledding. There are cycle & pedestrian tracks throughout the village, all of which are lit.


Autumn 2016 saw a brand new school – complete with its own pool – open its doors in nearby Järveküla (around 4 km from Uuesalu). Kids are ferried to the school on a special school bus.

The village is home to a friendly community where people look out for one another. Uuesalu is an active Neighbourhood Watch district where residents enjoy traditional activities and events together. To make sure that everyone receives important information, residents are added to a village mailing list. Services are shared via the ‘Neighbour to neighbour’ site.


Despite how young Uuesalu is, traditions have already developed in the village. These include an annual working bee, Midsummer celebrations, a children’s fair, celebrations on the Night of Ancient Bonfires, a women’s club and New Year’s Eve festivities, including a village fireworks display.